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OVERFLOW: 2-Year Vision Campaign

“And the church is his body; it is made full and complete

by Christ, who fills all things everywhere with himself.”

-Ephesians 1:23 (NLT2)


Our vision has to be beyond filling a building with people. It has to be participating with Christ in seeing all things everywhere saturated by Him. Our questions cannot be limited to the capacity of a building or a parking lot; we have to begin to discover the capacity of God’s love for the world.


We have got to empty ourselves, offering everything to God, and making room for the Holy Spirit to fill us to overflowing and saturate our hearts, our households, and our communities--across the street and around the world.


We Want to See People Overflowing with the Love and Hope of Christ!

As more people are falling away from the Church and living without Christ, what’s it going to take for there to be a positive increase in the number of disciples within our community over the next ten years? We’ll start with a strategy for the first two years.

Researchers point to signs that the American church is headed for disaster within one generation due to shrinking attendance, diminished financial contributions, inner divisions and compromised values. That means in a world where people are feeling increasingly hopeless, fewer people are hearing about the eternal hope and salvation that God offers through Jesus Christ. 


And yet the promise remains that Jesus will build His church (Matthew 16:18). We believe that! And Jesus invites us to join Him. We are going to begin stemming the tide of people falling away from the Church and living without Christ with a 3-part, 2-year strategy. We will commit to each other and to God to 1) put our stake in the ground, 2) pray for multiplication, and 3) pour out blessings to the world. 

Putting Our Stake in the Ground

People used to put a stake in the ground as their personal marker, showing that they were committing to nurture and develop a specific plot of land. New Day is already known as a church that is in the community to do good. The Ministry Center shows people that we plan to be in the community for good. We’re developing this property into a center for ministry that sends blessings outward: locally, nearby and around the world. Therefore, some of the goals in New Day’s two-year strategy involve improving the property, making it a useful resource for sharing the love and hope of Christ.

Praying for Multiplication

We find throughout history that whenever there is spiritual revival, it is preceded by significant prayer. God pours out His Spirit where there is openness and invitation. In order to stem the tide of people falling away from Church and living without Christ over the next ten years, we need to make a commitment to prayer now. Therefore, some of the goals in New Day’s two-year strategy involve praying for God to open hearts to Him, and to send disciples to make disciples who will make disciples--a movement that overflows the walls of any building.

Pouring Out Blessings

When Jesus looked at the people around Him, He had a gut-level compassion. Out of compassion, He crossed cultural barriers, brought healing, and told people the Good News that we can live at peace with God. Therefore, some of the goals of New Day’s two-year vision involve a commitment to let the compassion of Jesus fill us up and and then pour out to others across the street and around the world. God’s vision for New Day is bigger than a building and broader than Central Wisconsin. It overflows! 


Measuring Our Commitment and Progress

As we commit to this strategy of putting our stake in the ground, praying for multiplication, and pouring out blessings, there are three different tiers to measure our progress:

Tier One: What We SHOULD Do. 

We should complete the renovations on our building, and we should be able to find 24 people within our church who are willing to commit to praying.


Tier Two: What We COULD Do. 

Church finance experts would expect a church of our size and offering level to raise at least $300,000 (1.5 times our annual budget) in a three-year capital campaign. Tier Two is less than that amount, suggesting that with prayerful financial sacrifice, and faithful generosity, we could raise enough money to make renovations and replace our parking lot, a total estimated cost of $185,000. We could also get 48 people committing to prayer. That is still less than our total number of formal Members.

Tier Three: What ONLY GOD Can Do.

If in two years we completed the building renovations, replaced the parking lot, and eliminated our $200,000 loan, that would be an exciting story about God’s overflowing provision! Resources that had been tied up in past debts could be freed for the next steps in seeing positive growth in the number of disciples in our community over the next ten years.



Tier One: What We SHOULD Do. 

  • Putting Our Stake in the Ground: Ministry Center Renovations ($100,000)

    • Roof $38,000

    • Glass $34,000

    • Plumbing $7,000

    • Heating & Cooling $6,000

    • Interior $15,000

  • Prayer for Multiplication: 24 people involved in 24 Hours of Prayer & Fasting once a month for 24 months and daily prayer for lost people.

  • Pouring Out Blessings: Upon raising $100,000 for Ministry Center renovations, we will release $3,000 from financial reserves to help meet the current greatest need(s) of our international missions partners.

Tier Two: What We COULD Do. 

These goals include Tier One, plus:

  • Putting Our Stake in the Ground: Ministry Center Parking Lot ($84,000)

  • Prayer for Multiplication: An Additional 24 people involved in 24 Hours of Prayer & Fasting once a month for 24 months and daily prayer for lost people.

  • Pouring Out Blessings: Upon completion of the parking lot, we will release an additional $3,000 from financial reserves to help meet the current greatest need(s) of our international missions partners.

Tier Two: What ONLY GOD Can Do. 

These goals include Tier One and Tier Two, plus:

  • Putting Our Stake in the Ground: Ministry Center Cornerstone Fund Loan Payback: $200,000

  • Prayer for Multiplication: More than 48 people involved in 24 Hours of Prayer & Fasting once a month for 24 months and daily prayer for lost people.

  • Pouring Out Blessings: Upon paying off our debt, we will send ambassadors on a short-term mission trip to encourage and support an international missions partner.



Why now? 

With COVID-19 restrictions taking us out of the Middle School unexpectedly, we find ourselves in a position to move forward and to commit to completing the renovations of the New Day Office and Ministry Center (or the OMC, for short). As a congregation, we can’t continue to put things on hold. We need to make what we currently have usable.  

Right here and now, we can take our resources and bless others in the community. Overflow is a way to do that, both through the completion of the OMC, the committing of regular prayer, and helping those around the world.


The building is much smaller than the middle school: Are you planning on growth in the long-term? 

The short answer is yes! New Day’s mission has always been to make disciples who make disciples- and that is no exception when it comes to the OMC. While the building is smaller in size than a conventional church building, that small size forces us to grow outside of the building by planting churches within the surrounding communities through multiplication. We truly want to make disciples who make disciples: and by overflowing out of the church, we are doing just that. 


What about the COVID restrictions? Are we building a facility we can’t even use? 

The OMC isn’t just a building to gather in on Sunday mornings. There’s so much more to it! The purpose is to make the space available to small groups, Discovery Bible Studies, support groups, youth ministry programs, and office space for our staff team. It is a tool to help us develop disciple-makers, and that can be done in many ways aside from a Sunday morning service. 


Does the Overflow campaign alter the original vision and mission of New Day? 

No, it doesn’t. Our mission has always been to make more and better disciples. The Overflow campaign only reinforces the vision that we’ve held since the beginning of New Day.


Who do I talk to if I have further questions or concerns? 

Rus and Marci Wiegand are the heads of the Overflow campaign. You can email Rus at

How do I determine what to give?

This is entirely between you and God. 2nd Corinthians 9:7 says You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. “For God loves a person who gives cheerfully.” 

Talk to God and be in prayer about what he wants you to contribute to Overflow. Discuss with your spouse or small group leader, then act in faith that God will provide what he is leading you to give. 


How can my kids be involved? 

The Overflow campaign can be a way to model giving to kids and teach them to follow your example. Families are encouraged to include their children in this process and ask them for ways they’d like involved, as well. Do they want to contribute some of their allowance? Do chores around the house to earn money to go towards their contribution? Rake leaves or shovel sidewalks? Creativity is encouraged and families can do whatever works best for them.

How will financial commitments be made?

Financial commitments can be made either by giving weekly, monthly, or quarterly over the next 2-year period, either through cash, check, or online payments. 

Commitment cards will be made available for each family to look at and pray about the amount you believe God would have you pledge.

Can my commitments be changed if necessary?

Absolutely. You may either increase or decrease your commitment at any time during the campaign as the Lord leads. We simply ask that you notify the Finance Team who maintains these confidential records.

Will the church accept non-cash gifts? 

Non-cash gifts are a creative way to give towards this campaign. This is a way for those of you who are led to give in goods needed for the OMC or by donating a professional service. If you are planning on giving a non-cash gift, please be sure to email Rus Weigand to discuss details. (

Will monetary commitments be made public? 

We will publicly declare on Sunday, November 22nd the total dollar amount being pledged in order to celebrate in what God is doing. Individual names and individual pledges will not be made public.

When do I begin to give? 

December 13 is the weekend that the giving starts. This is the kick-off weekend for us to begin our campaign giving. We are asking if you have made a commitment, to try and give 10% of your overall pledged amount. After that weekend, your pattern of giving on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis is up to you.

  • Oct 25 - Nov 14: 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

  • November 15: Commitment Sunday

This is the day we ask for all commitments to be made.

  • November 22: Announcement Sunday

This is the day we announce what commitments are received.

  • December 13: First Fruits

Give 10% of your total commitment to get started.

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