Bars around the state were packed last night (5/13) after the Tavern League of Wisconsin instructed it's members to "OPEN IMMEDIATELY." Will church buildings be packed on Sunday?


New Day has a plan, and our plan does not involve rushing into our new building just because the government won't stop us from doing so. Even though the state has lifted restrictions, the county is likely to step in soon. Everything is changing so fast. The competing voices and forces at work are like turbulence bouncing us back and forth.


God is not caught off guard. Ever.


Even though the shelter-at-home order has been struck down, there are still some things that we cannot do. We cannot meet at the middle school; the district is not renting to outside groups. We cannot start renovations at our new building; although we have been in the process, the required permits are still not in place.


What will we do?


We will continue to provide biblical teaching and support through online media.


We will encourage small groups to continue as the primary point of care for people within the church body, including reaching out to members and regular attenders who are not currently on a small group roster.


We will continue following guidelines that protect the health and safety of people within our church as well as our friends and neighbors.


We will move towards in-person connections in strategic, graduated phases, starting around homes, and eventually including the new building.


When we can include the new building as a possible gathering place, we will do so in a way that allows for safe distancing and a sanitary environment.


God is doing something unique and beautiful with New Day. My prayer is that we would all stand firm on obedience to Christ and His direction for us, rather than letting the daily turbulence determine our course.


This Sunday's teaching on May 18th (by God's design) is about self-control, the last facet of the Fruit of the Spirit. If there are any additional developments, I will share them with you then.


May God bless you and keep you!


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